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Review: O What A Glorious Night 6/12/2019


The Rotorua District Choir enthralled with their festive spirit at the Christmas concert in the Mokoia Intermediate School hall on Friday 6th December. The audience were encouraged to participate with classics including 'The First Noel', 'Hark! The Herald AngelsSing', 'O Come, All Ye Faithful' and a hilarious rendition of 'Twelve Days of Christmas' which was based on a Pukeko in a Ponga Tree. Soprano Jayne Furlong popped up behind various people with her travelling pukeko and the highlight was the five basses standingin the middle of the song to sing the line 'five big fat pigs' which had the audience laughing each time. 


The concert consisted of a blend of old and new and playful takes on classics like 'Silent Night' which had moments of staccato notes and pauses which were punchy, while layers of harmonies and echoes built into a beautiful and smoothly rendered performance.'The Cradle Hymn' was a beautiful song which opened in a gentle lullaby, with the vocal dynamics creating a rocking motion to the music, as though a cradle was being swayed gently from side to side.


The Rotorua Brass Band played rousing Christmas tunes and the audience couldn't help but join in with words, encouraged by their conductor Jim McGregor.

Soloist Lauren Thompson performed wonderfully, with a gentle yet competent bell-like voice, ringing clear throughout the room.


The night finished with 'Oh What a Glorious Night', the concert's namesake, and it was fun and bouncy with the choir moving in time to the music, their enjoyment infectious and a playful echoing of 'glory' from different sections of the choir. ConductorEvelyn Falconer was enthusiastic and smiling, and conducted the choir beautifully, guiding and weaving in all the parts, which were at times very complex.


An evening well spent!


- Jemma Morrison

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