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Rehearsal Tracks

Thanks all for Tuesday's rehearsal; it was a lovely start to the concert cycle, and it was great to see some familiar faces back in the ranks!


Each week I plan to send out a list of what we've worked on, and what I intend to look at in the upcoming week. This way, you know what to take a look at in preparation for the next rehearsal, as well as what you need to catch up on if you were unable to make a rehearsal. 


At Tuesday's rehearsal we made a start on:

Moon River

Suo Gân


Game of Thrones


As promised, there is a link below to the Game of Thrones theme tune; if you're unfamiliar with the tune then this video gives you a bit more context to all of the different sounds you're creating! 


Next week, as we have a short rehearsal will look at Doe a Deer and The Seal Lullaby.

Game of Thrones 

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